Adios Don’t hack this Game

Fred Hicks hat auf Google+ bekannt gegeben das es mit Don’t hack this Game nichts wird, weil einfach die Zeit fehlt. Sehr schade, aber die Autoren werden wohl nach und nach ihre Hacks online stellen.

Some of you may be familiar with Don’t Hack This Game, a project to anthologize a number of different setting and system hacks for the Don’t Rest Your Head roleplaying game. It’s been on our project status page at Evil Hat for a while now, but today we’re removing it. It’s time to admit that it’s not going to get done, at least not by Evil Hat.

I personally own the blame on this one. I love the original project-runner +Ryan Macklin like a brother, but in practice we’re sort of the brothers who get into fistfights with each other as often as not when we’re under the same roof. Not Ryan’s fault! 🙂 As such, we’re continuing to cheer for each other from the sidelines (bring on the Katanas and Trenchcoats  #icmf ), but (healthily) avoiding working together on the same projects.A natural consequence of this is that Don’t Hack This Game has to get retired for good. The project was conceived by Ryan, and besides myself there are few people I can point to who have internalized the workings of Don’t Rest Your Head as well as he has. I am not ever likely to have the time to devote to this project, and as an Evil Hat project it’s not something Ryan can work on (fistfightin‘ Fred lives in that house!), so I’ve decided it’s time for Evil Hat to move on and stop trying on this one. (Additionally, it’s important not to fall into the sunk cost fallacy — and we fell into it for a while, here; time to stop that, too.)When troubles for this project first came up, I made sure to see that everyone who’d done work for it got paid, even if it wasn’t certain we’d publish. So I think we’re making as clean of a break on this project as can be managed.That said, there was a lot of great stuff that was done with the project, and I’d love it if folks got a chance to see that stuff in whatever state it happens to be in. As such, I invite the contributors to the project to post and share their work, wherever best works for them, and link to it in the comments here on this post. (This will help me make sure that we’re only putting out for free into public stuff that folks are comfortable with us putting out there!) I’ll try to make a habit of consolidating those links up to the post itself when I see those comments come in, so folks don’t have to scroll through comments and hunt for the particulars.

Canceling a project always means eating a big bowl of disappointment soup, and that’s certainly the case here, but I hope that we can sweeten the bowl by sharing enough of the materials that would have gone into it.

Thanks as always for your interest and your support, and naturally you’ll continue to see us do plenty of great things that will get published in the months and years to come. And special thanks to Ryan Macklin, who’s always been DRYH’s number one fan.

Den ersten Hack, Don’t kill your Grandfather gibt es hier zum Download.

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